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From the Management


Bangalore City Mission is a Social and Christian Charitable non-governmental organization.  We work in the areas of education and community development. Creating a difference in tomorrows world by changing one life at a time.  As our vision statement says Educating to Empower, and Enabling to lead a long, creative, and healthy life.  Bangalore City Mission will continue to work in the areas of Education and Community Development,



Jonathan Sinclair Paul (President and Executive Director)


bringing about change and enlightenment in the lives of both physically underprivileged and spiritual underprivileged.  Our committed and dedicated staff will constantly strive to achieve the developmental goals and high quality standards that we have set up for the wonderful people we serve.  We will remain unrelenting until we tear down the walls of poverty, and shatter the chains of illiteracy.

Bangalore City Mission will continue to improve our systems and processes and developmental models to suit each and every community we serve.  We will constantly improve our standards of Education until we achieve excellence in academics.  We believe in providing top quality Education for the poorest of the poor.

Education is the key and the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of development.  The greatest long-term development can brought about by education of todays children.  A nation that neglects its children neglects its own lifeline.

We will continue to serve people irrespective of their caste, creed, or religious background, and constantly love and serve people through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are no great things in this world, only little things with great love.